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Finding a reliable, expert plumber who doesn’t charge a small fortune can sometimes be a challenge. This is why we set up Skan Plumbing & Heating – to provide a professional service that doesn’t cost the earth. We have a team of highly trained plumbers who can turn their hand to anything to either install it well or put it right if it has broken down. From general plumbing, such as pipe and tap installations, to central heating systems and dealing with plumbing and heating emergencies, we can do it all and we do it well.



We are here 24/7 to help with any plumbing related emergency. Call 07732 234234 at any time and we will aim to attend all local calls within 30 minutes.

Trained and qualified plumbers

Every one of our plumbers and engineers is trained, certified, and experienced so you know that you are getting the right people for whatever job you need us to do around the house. When it comes to plumbing, we can:

  • Sort out leaking taps and pipes
  • Fit and fix taps and fittings
  • Install appliances
  • Deal with any plumbing emergency

We are Gas Safe registered, so you have nothing to worry about.


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Or complete the form here, hit send and we will call you back ASAP


Installations and repairs

We believe in doing what is right by our customers, which is why they come back to us if they ever need our services again and why they recommend us to their friends and family. No matter how large or small a job may be, or how complicated and daunting it may seem, we have you covered. From simple repairs to new installations of taps and bathrooms, we know we can do a good job for you.

We are happy to offer advice if you need it and we will always keep you informed of progress, whatever the job. Our years of experience mean we have the knowledge and skills to find the right solution for you, and one that will always be within your budget.


Why choose Skan Plumbing & Heating?

For these simple reasons:

  • We are qualified, professional plumbers.
  • We are experienced and reliable.
  • We are responsive and have your best interests in mind.
  • Our rates are competitive and reasonable.
  • We live and work in Waterlooville, Hampshire.
  • We are available all day, every day, all year round.


At your side in an emergency

Plumbing emergencies are everyone’s worst nightmare. There’s little more frightening than finding your home under an inch of water or having a tap break off in your hand and spraying water everywhere, or your boiler breaking down in the middle of a cold snap.

When this happens, there is only one thing you need to do no matter what time of the day or night it is – even Christmas Eve! Call our emergency line on 07732 234 231 and we will have someone out to your property within half an hour to sort it out for you.

Ask us about our prices and services.

Contact us for a no-obligation quote. Our specialist plumbers are happy to answer any questions.
Our trading address is 87 Woodsedge, Waterlooville, Hampshire, PO7 8PQ and you can contact us on 023 9243 1018 during normal working hours but in an emergency, please call 07732 234 231.